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Dr. Ben's


Dr. Ben has been interested and involved in the health and fitness world since high school where he excelled in anatomy and physiology, biology, and nutrition. With a background in athletics and a penchant for providing people with valuable service, Dr. Ben started personal training at his local gym, helping age-mates and community members alike with their fitness routines. From personal training to physical therapy assistant to eventually doctor chiropractor, Dr. Ben has experienced a lot of what the medical/health and fitness industry has to offer. Having been in this world for so long, Dr. has developed his own unique philosophy on how he treats his patients and clients"

"To be active is a blessing that you don't understand until it is taken away from you. My function as a medical professional is to rehabilitate you away from pain. My role as a personal trainer is to teach you the fundamental exercises that boost your strength and resilience to injury. And my mission as a fitness coach is to get you, and maintain you, in the sweet spot of "being in good shape" where the goal is not one of recovery but instead one of improvement."  

"There is a gap for many people between recovery and fitness and it is my mission to bridge that gap for you as thoroughly as I can."

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