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Achieving Muscular Balance

Manual Therapy/Massage/ Myofascial Release

Manual Therapy/ Massage / Myofascial Release are modalities that Dr. Carlow uses heavily in his office, understanding that muscle tone and tendon function are paramount in the healing of injuries, old and new. Tight muscles cause pain, distort posture, and perpetuate chronic symtpoms, so Dr. Carlow checks all of his patients for muscular imbalances and delivers thorough treatment to those areas.


Restoring Range of Motion


Pain  free, full range of motion is the treatment goal for the majority of cases that seek chiropractic care. Dr. Carlow works within his patients' comfort by stretching, mobilizing, and manipulating joints in the body to achieve optimal and sustainable range of motion. All treatments are administered to the patient's comfort, and never forced past tolerance. Dr. Carlow understands that many patient's do not like the "crack" and never pressures patients into receiving that type of adjustment. There are many other ways to achieve the end result of full range of motion. 


Decreasing Pain While Increasing Function

Rehabilitation Exercises

Patients rarely leave Dr. Carlow's office without receiving some "homework" that will help to support his hands on treatment. These exercises are expertly chosen to provide maximum relief and most expedient return to normal function. It is Dr. Carlow's goal to rehabilitate all of his patients to their previous level of function, and then continue to condition their bodies as to avoid re-injury and enjoy a new level of fitness.


Scar Tissue Treatment/ Myofascial Treatment

Graston Technique

A common barrier to full, speedy, and lasting recovery is the accumulation of scar tissue or connective tissue (fascia). This tissue can cause injuries to become chronic, cause movement to become dysfunctional, and cause muscles to feel "tight". Dr. Carlow may introduce Graston Technique as an efficient way to break up this scar tissue and release the tension and dysfunction that has resulted from it's accumulation. 


Decompression of the Spine

Flexion-Distraction Table

Patients suffering from injuries in the spine find great relief with Dr. Carlow's flexion distraction table, which allows him to gently decompress the discs in the spine while also stretching the lower back muscles and joints. This table is invaluable for patients with compression related issues, both acute and chronic. 


Ultrasound, Electrical Stimulation, Vibration Therapy, Heat and Ice

Therapeutic Modalities

Dr. Carlow chooses to practice one-on-one medicine, and as such he spends all of the treatment time with hands-on therapy or face-to-face instruction. In situations where hands-on therapy may be too aggressive, such as extreme inflammation, Dr. Carlow has at his disposal many forms of passive therapy which help to alleviate acute pain and discomfort. 

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