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Please read the financial policy below before booking your appointment.

Thank you!


Cigna Financial Policy

I am very happy to accept and continue accepting Cigna insurance plans!


Since insurance treats chiropractic a little bit differently than most other medical professions, and changes in their policies is not uncommon, I want you to be fully informed and educated on my office policy regarding these specific plans. 


My goal as your chiropractor is to provide high quality chiropractic and physical therapy, in an un-rushed, unstressed environment. I give my patients my undivided attention for the full length of their visit and perform only the most effective and clinically proven techniques (hands on therapy combined focused rehab exercise instruction). 


Despite negotiating with Cigna , at this point the ONLY one-on-one chiropractic services that they cover is a brief procedure called “spinal manipulation” and one “unit” of EITHER exercise instruction OR massage OR stretching. This caps doctor-patient time to about 10-15 minutes. 


For a patient coming in for pain, discomfort or dysfunction, it may be  difficult to make a significant impact in just a 15 minute visit. For that reason, 30 minute appointments are my standard appointment time. This allows time for thorough hands on treatment, appropriate exercise/rehab instruction, and time to ask and answer questions.

Since a 30 minute visit is not fully covered by Cigna, rather than simply stop accepting the insurance, I want to give BCBS  patients an option to lengthen their visit for an additional $20. Of course this is not a perfect solution, but it does make appropriate and high quality care accessible and affordable.


(Please note, this additional $20 is only applied to follow up visits, at this time Cigna does cover the initial exam, so on your first visit your responsibility is your normal copay/coinsurance.) 

Insurance related issues are confusing by nature, so if you have any questions please call me at 516-993-9582, I am very happy to explain, very happy to clarify, and very happy to continue being your provider of high quality musculoskeletal care.


Thank you!

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