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Medicare Financials

To best assist the older population in his community, Dr. Ben is very happy to accept Medicare and all supplements. 

Please read the form below in it's entirety to understand what Medicare covers in a chiropractic office, and how Dr. Ben handles that coverage. 

Dr. Ben is very happy to accept Medicare and all supplements. 


Since Medicare treats chiropractic a little bit differently than most other medical professions, Dr. Ben wants you to be fully informed and educated on his office policy regarding Medicare. 


Medicare pays for 80% of “covered services” and usually a supplement pays for the other 20%. 


The ONLY chiropractic service that Medicare “covers” is a very brief procedure called a “spinal manipulation” or an “Adjustment”. 


Unfortunately, Medicare does NOT “cover”: 

  1. Evaluations/Exams

  2. Massage

  3. Stretching

  4. Heat

  5. Rehabilitation exercises

  6. Traction 


And since these are NOT “covered services” according to Medicare, your supplement will not cover them at all either. 


Dr. Ben will provide you with high quality care that will likely include these “non-covered services” which, unfortunately, are not covered by Medicare or the supplement. 


For that reason there is a fee for your visit of $30. This allows Dr. Ben to continue treating Medicare patients, and also be compensated for the care that he provides. 


Our medical system is far from perfect, and unfortunately the burden gets passed onto the providers and the patients. Medicare understands it is flawed in this instance. 


In fact, the following is a form FROM MEDICARE, showing why chiropractors are allowed to charge for services that Medicare will not cover. 

The GOOD NEWS  is that there are no other limitations or stipulations. There is NO CAP on the number visits and you DO NOT NEED A REFERRAL for visits. With any questions or concerns, please call the office at 516-993-9582. Thank you!

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