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  • What if my back hurts? Should I still come?
    This class is filled with physical therapy exercises. Unless you are in acute pain where it is difficult to move, this is an appropriate class for you. These are the same exercises you would learn if you went to the doctor for a bad back. What's more, these rehab and “prehab” exercises MAKE MUSCLES and JOINTS MORE DURABLE and resistant to further injury.
  • Will it help my flexibility?
    "Dr. Ben Approved" Full Body Stretches... but No Difficult Yoga Moves!
  • Is balance addressed in this class?
    Safe and effective stability exercises are a staple of this class. There are multiple exercises and stretches that work specifically on improving balance and coordination.
  • How much does it cost?
    For less than a copay and less than a personal training session, learn all of the best, safest, and most efficient exercises and stretches with personal instruction and supervision from Dr. Ben. One class is thirty dollars, and if purchased in a package of 10, each class is only twenty five dollars. Each class is 45 minutes long. Also, your first class is complimentary! Just use the code DGEVIP when you check out. While you are ALWAYS welcome to participate, the goal of this class is TEACH you the right routine, so that you have the power to do it all on your own :)
  • Will this class make me stronger?
    Supervised body weight exercises will challenge the muscles with perfect form. No weights needed! Yes these exercises will make your muscles and tendons stronger and more resilient to injury.
  • How does this class work on "the core"?
    Chiropractor approved spine and core -exercises. No situps! Every exercise in this class involves the core in a safe way.
  • Will I be able to do these exercises at home?
    Every class is the same exact sequence of exercises to ensure maximum retention and mastery, so that you can do them at home. No equipment needed. It will take several sessions for you to master and memorize the movements, but after that they are yours forever.
  • How will I know if I am doing the exercises correctly?
    In addition to instructing the class, Dr. Ben is there, walking around the room, supervising you and making modifications and suggestions if he feels there is any issue with your form.
  • Is it COVID- safe?
    Class is held in 3,000 square foot space, yet the class is limited to 10 people for ample spacing. There are fans and windows. In addition, this is not a cardio-intense class, so there really isn't any heavy breathing. Masks are optional at this time.
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