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Please find and book the appointment type that best describes your situation. 


I am very happy to accept  GHI/Emblem insurance!


Since insurance treats chiropractic a little bit differently than most other medical professions, I want you to be fully informed and educated on his office policy regarding this specific plan. 


I aim to provide high quality chiropractic and physical therapy in my office, in an un-rushed, unstressed environment. I give patients my undivided attention for the full length of their visit and perform only the most effective and clinically proven techniques (hands on therapy combined focused rehab exercise instruction). 


The ONLY one-on-one chiropractic services that GHI covers is a brief procedure called “spinal manipulation”. This is an very brief procedure taking about 3-5 minutes. As a doctor that cares about his patients, I find this short amount of time insufficient to properly treat most conditions, and I insist on more thorough treatment. 


Since GHI does not cover massage, strestching, or rehab exercise instruction, I give GHI patients the option to lengthen their visit for an additional fee as seen above. Of course this is not a perfect solution, but it does make appropriate and high quality care accessible and affordable. 

Insurance related issues are confusing by nature, so if you have any questions please call me at my office at 516-993-9582, he will be happy to explain anything that has not been made clear.  

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